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BigBlanks Custom Heavyweight Tubes

BigBlanksSKU: CTUBE-2

Sale price$16.00

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Product Information

The Custom BigBlanks Heavyweight Tube is a great way to help promote / show off your business. Made with a thicker stretch material from our Lightweight Seamless Tubes, they are great for use in colder climates as well as light enough to work even when its hot outside.

This unique piece of headwear is our most versatile garment yet. Made of Stretch Fabric it wicks and breathes to keep you comfortable in any season. Perfect for all outdoor activites. Wear more than 10 different ways. Wear as a Neckgaiter, Tall Gaiter, Facemask, Balaclava, Long Doo-Z, Doo-Z, Headband, Mini Doo-Z, Scrunchy, Wristband.

Custom Product Disclaimer

There will be no refunds issued upon approval of a custom item order. This includes shirts, banners, canopies, tubes, and more. Have questions? Call us at 480-899-6458 and we would be happy to assist you.

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